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Swampcocks raise funds for Panboola Wetlands

Pambula’s much loved unofficial emblem is the new star of a fundraising t-shirt collaboration!

The idea of producing a ‘Swampcock’ t-shirt to raise funds for volunteers at the Panboola Wetlands came about when I saw my friend Bee Twomey’s new range of stylised bird prints. They are fun, playful and totally cheeky! When I mentioned the concept to Bee she was in and she has come up with this artistic interpretation of Pambula’s favourite little busy bird, the swamphen. Swampcocks were born!

We played around with the design and branding a bit and added something a bit cheeky and now we have the super cool ‘Swampcock’ tees ready to raise funds for the Panboola volunteers to go about their valuable work.

I love the Panboola Wetlands which are just down the road from my studio shop and like lots of people around here, I really wanted to add something and help this awesome space for everyone to enjoy.

Having a young family, managing the studio makes it hard to find time to volunteer at Panboola so I started thinking about what I could offer from ZoeO Design.

Michelle Richmond of Panboola Wetlands Trust said the funds will go towards essential items for the team of volunteers who combined contribute around 3000 hours of their own time every year. They provide essential work for the upkeep of Panboola that’s equivalent to two full time positions! So local fundraising helps us to buy gardening gloves and other little things to make their volunteer work easier and more comfortable.


I’m hoping this becomes an annual fundraiser and people are keen to add a new tee to their collection as well as helping me raise funds.

I’m hoping to raise at least $1,000 in our first year and produce a new limited edition Panboola t-shirt each year so you can start collecting and supporting!

The limited edition men’s and women’s organic cotton, fair-trade tees are available at the Zoe O Design studio shop, 24A Quondola street Pambula (same side as the bakery) or SHOP HERE

*For every tee sold a percentage of the profit goes to Panboola Wetlands. 

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